Remote Pull Focus

Jack asked 4 years ago

Is there a possibility to add a slider for remote pull focus? 
I had an idea a while ago about that, and made a sketch how it might look: 
The idea behind this is simple – you have a big ass slider at your finger tips, and you can set focus pull marks just by pressing those buttons, which will limit the focusing distance. This will make pulling focus a pleasant enjoyable experience! The draft is very basic, but you should get the idea. It also would be cool to add some gesture support, like – 1 finger scroll = normal speed. 2 fingers = more precise and slow. So a person would be able to switch those on the fly to his liking. 
That would be so infinity cool, if you could make something like this. I understand that you need to create some kind of algorithm for remote focusing like this (not in incremental rough steps, but smooth).