GSimple – shots number difference between apk and camera

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Krbo asked 4 years ago

Just teste GSimple for the first time with Panasonic FZ1000 – almost perfect but noticed some misbehaviour:
attempt one (I think on “3”) – 18 shots reported 18 found
attempt two (on “1”) – 69 shots reported, only 30 found
attempt three (on “2”) – 35 shots reported, only 24 found
 1/13s, jpg+RAW, fast SD card (sandisk 80Mbit), Android 6 (UMI Touch)

Camera starts ok in a rapid shooting then it slows down and do some more shots with different time interval inbetween.
It looks to me like there is no handshaking about buffer state between camera and GSimple. (or it is my eq.)
First aid can be abitily to add a timer between shots from max to several seconds.