Gmonitor Price & Features

Kyle asked 4 years ago

Hi there. I am interested in Gmonitor to use with my G85, but I have some questions:
First, why did you increase the price? Originally it was $3.99 (Canadian dollars), but now it is $5.49. Is the price going to go up again in the future? To me it seems like the price is a little high for such a simple app that is making use of Panasonic’s API. I would definitely be more inclined to make the purchase if the price was lower.
To add value to this app, I would recommend adding a full customization menu that would allow the user to select how many or how few items to display on the screen. For example, it’s nice that you added a record button, but there are cases where I do not want to have a record button on the screen (for example, If I don’t want the person using the iPad to accidently press the record button). So, it would be nice to be able to add and remove these sort of buttons via a customization menu.
I hope thses comments are helpful! Thanks!

admin Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi, I think the price is fair for the features you get. Competitors are asking for a 10x higher Price!!!

I was thinking about In App purchases. But this have a big drawback beside the added complexity for me: You have to be online to get, verify & restore purchases. Many users are connecting the app only to their camera and are not using it in a network. So I have to handle such situations. And I would have a lot of complaints because it is hard to understand for non-technical guys. Instead I’ve decided to increase the price a little bit and to built in more Features.

But I’ll add a feature to hide all controls to have a clean screen. Just triple touch the screen and all controls will disappear or appear again. It is already running in my development environment!